Perfume Review: La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

Step into the world of scented seduction with this Fragrance of Happiness. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is designed especially for women. If you are a woman who likes to make a bold and mainstream fashion statement, this perfume is definitely for you. You are sure to get lots of compliments with this iconic scent. It smells wonderfully attractive and it is a very popular fragrance.

pro fragrantia PARFUM BLANC TONKA

How does La Vie Est Belle perform on the skin?

I put the perfume on my skin in the morning to evaluate its performance during the day. Surprisingly, the scent stayed on all through the day, which is quite amazing considering it is a middle priced perfume. From the opening of the fragrance until the base note of the perfume the scent always is attractive and seductive.

Is the perfume La Vie Est Belle good?

Yes it is! Launched in 2012, La Vie Est Belle is designed to unlock a beautiful day with each spray. It is a perfect blend of noble ingredients creating an aura that makes heads turn. It is very sexy, a bit floral, a bit sweet, and transforms every average woman into a beautiful queen.

When should I be wearing the perfume La Vie Est Belle?

For someone who does not wear perfume, this has suddenly become my go-to scent for office, special events, or when I am just hanging out with friends in the evenings. The scent is mild, enveloping, and durable. I get loads of compliments whenever I wear it, probably that’s the reason why this perfume is a bestseller. It is suitable for every adult woman who desires an iconic scent.

I wholeheartedly recommend this fragrance to the women that just entered the perfume world and want to smell sexy. It is sweet and very addictive. Be sure to try this awesome bottle of delight, because smelling great is always better then smelling average!

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