Perfume review: Chance Eau de Parfum by Chanel

The perfume Chance by Chanel was launched in 2005 and has become a famous bestseller. It is claimed to be a chypre fragrance, but as a perfumer I have to disagree, my nose tells me it is a musk fragrance with very light floral and fruity notes. Chance was created by Jacques Polge, who was a perfumer for Chanel for many years. If you like bestsellers and if you like perfumes with nearly no aroma this one is for you. Of course it has an aroma, but the main character of the fragrance is not about the aroma, but rather about the effect the perfume transports to you. The perfume transports the effect of freshness and pureness. If you smell it on your skin, you feel freshly showered, clean and attractive.

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How does the perfume Chance smell?

Chance smells mainly of musk with notes of flowers and fruits. It is also a bit powdery, but very delicately. As this is a musk fragrance, it is very light and unobtrusive. If you cannot smell musk, you cannot understand this fragrance. As a matter of fact, only half of the people are able to smell musk. Many people do not have the ability to smell it.

Who should be wearing the perfume Chance?

Chance in my opinion is a perfect perfume for women. It best suits women below the age of 50. But of course this is a subjective opinion. I always say: Wear the perfume you like. It doesn’t matter which gender you are and it doesn’t matter what your age is.

My first encounter with the perfume:

My first encounter of Chance Eau de Parfum by Chanel was a friend wearing it. She visited my home and had this very simple, but sexy aroma around her. Her scent lingered subtly all over my house even after she was long gone. I had to ask her what kind of perfume she was wearing because I was intrigued.

The next day, I bought a bottle of the perfume. Until today I spray it lightly on my neck from time to time. I wear it for work, parties, and in my free time. This perfume can be worn all year, but in my opinion it suits spring and summer most. As it is very unobtrusive, you can wear it to go to the gym or to go to work in the office. This perfume truly captured my heart from the very first sniff. I would purchase this bottle again and recommend it to friends. This scent will always be a favorite of mine.

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