Perfume review: Etrango by J. F. Schwarzlose

Etrango by J. F. Schwarzlose Berlin is a unisex fragrance and was launched in 2023. The perfumer is Véronique Nyberg. The main notes are flowers, rose, spices, citrus and musk. This perfume is a classic rose fragrance. I recommend you to smell it yourself, it is worth a try.

pro fragrantia PARFUM BLANC TONKA

J. F. Schwarzlose is a German perfume brand from Berlin that was founded in the 19th century and later vanished from the market. After the year 2000 it was revived. Etrango is based on an original recipe and takes us back into the year 1929. In those days the gap between the rich and the poor was very big, the society was devided. Hence the name Etrango, which combines the French word “étrange” (foreign, unknown, strange) with the word tango (dance). This name reminds us that, like in the 1920s, our life may seem strange and foreign to us, while at the same time, life can be like a beautiful dance we want to enjoy. I believe this contrast is very well captured by the perfume.

How does the perfume Etrango smell?

The perfume reminds me of classical, timeless, elegant rose fragrances. It is a very balanced floral perfume with nuances of woody notes that mingle with spices and musk.

When should you be wearing Etrango?

If you like the 1920s and classic fragrances you should be wearing it every day. It is a perfume with character and I do not recommend to wear it in the office. I recommend to wear the fragrance in the evening and on special occasions. It is a very well perceivable scent and lasts very long on the skin.

Should you wear classic perfumes?

Are classic perfumes old fashioned or are they pieces of timeless beauty? Do you want to smell like your grandmother or do you want to smell like people that live in the digital age? These are questions everybody should be answering for themselves. If you love rose fragrances I recommend you to smell Etrango. If you don’t believe in old fashioned fragrances, you better smell other perfumes of J. F. Schwarzlose. Although the brand has many classic perfumes in the line-up, not all of them are classic fragrances.

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