At PRO FRAGRANTIA only the finest high-quality ingredients are used, no matter the costs. Unlike in the mass perfumery, where often synthetic ingredients are used to cut down production costs, PRO FRAGRANTIA is free to use expensive natural perfume ingredients at high concentrations. In some perfumes the essential oil content is very high, resulting in an olfactory experience rarely found in mass perfumery. Molecules believed to act similar to pheromones, Iso E Super and hedione, are used in some creations. All fragrances are vegan and no coloring agents are added. The packaging is upcyclable.

All scents are created by in-house perfumer Thomas Nipkow, who loves the natural ingredients from Grasse, the old capital of perfumery in the south of France. His creations don’t have to fit market trends and marketing campaigns. He is allowed total freedom of creation. To wear a creation of PRO FRAGRANTIA is to cultivate and express your sophistication and taste.

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