PRO FRAGRANTIA was founded in Zürich by perfumer Thomas Nipkow, a nose specialized in niche and luxury fragrances. Thomas has been working at the renowned Parfümerie Osswald in Switzerland for many years. The perfumery was established in 1921 and since has been a name in the world of perfumery, only selling the most exclusive and successful niche and luxury fragrances. 

PRO FRAGRANTIA creates products whose excelling olfactory experience firmly bases in the value of their ingredients. Only the best of natural extracts are used. The scents meet the highest expectations, as the perfumes perfect the symbiosis of design, performance and olfactory experience. The highly concentrated fragrances are long lasting on the skin. To wear a creation of PRO FRAGRANTIA is to cultivate and express your sophistication and taste.



PRO FRAGRANTIA focuses on finding molecules that carry the effect of pheromones and play an important role in the interaction of humans. Iso E Super and hedione are used in PRO FRAGRANTIA perfumes. While the molecule Iso E Super is known to enhance one’s natural body odor, hedione is scientifically proven to targeting human pheromone receptor VN1R1.

luxury about black 875 x 700
Inserat Parfum


Perfumer Thomas Nipkow’s great-great-grandfather, the pharmacist Ferdinand Nipkow, exclusively imported an Eau de Cologne to Zurich in the 19th century, and his great-grandfather and grandfather continued to be pharmacists with a passion for fragrant, herbal medicine. Combining the pharmacist’s nose with artistic genes of his mother’s relatives, the famous Ritz wood carvers, Thomas Nipkow was destined to become a perfumer. Driven by overwhelming curiosity, perfection and persistence, Thomas developed his own olfactory vocabulary. His visions he translates into original fragrances to create, with his sensitive talents and the eye for the poetical, fascinating olfactory experiences.  


PRO FRAGRANTIA aims at protecting and respecting nature and its biodiversity in order to keep the ecosystem in balance for future generations. That’s why PRO FRAGRANTIA believes that responsibly sourcing natural raw materials is important. Animal products are not used. No coloring agents are added to the perfumes. 

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