Perfume review: Sauvage EdP by Dior

What is there not to love about this signature scent from Dior? This best-seller was released in 2018 in a simple sturdy bottle and was created by perfumer François Demachy. If you want to show how masculine you are, this perfume is a must-buy for you! But be aware, you will not be the only one wearing it. I can smell this fragrance very often in the streets. Its massive trail never escapes my nose.

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How does the perfume smell?

This perfume opens with citrus notes and then it unleashes its unbelievable masculinity with a high dose of ambroxan, ambrocenide and vanilla. Like the iconic perfume Aventus by Creed, this perfume defines masculinity by itself. You better grow a beard before putting the fragrance on your skin! Its projection is very impressive. Once I did four sprays of Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum in my room and my wife who was in the room next door commented on the strength of my perfume. Unfortunately, she wasn’t speaking about the strength of my muscles, but never mind.

This scent is made for the intentional man, who desires to be wild and free. Who else can depict this emotion as cool as the sensational Jonny Depp! The Hollywood legend aptly displays this truth in his advertising campaign for this adventurous scent. For mild scent lovers, you may want to go easy with this one, as it can have an overpowering aura.

When to wear Dior Sauvage

When it comes to choosing a fragrance for an occasion, it can be tricky, but with this fragrance, decisions are made easily. It is perfect for daytime wear and nights out with friends. It is also suitable for special occasions and events. But don’t use it on weddings, as the bride may want to marry you instead! Do not use it in the office.

Also to mention is the price of this perfume. You really get a lot of value for what you pay. If you are new to the perfume world, buy it. If you have already dived deep into the fragrance world, do not buy it, it is too mainstream for you!

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