Perfume Review: Erba Pura by Xerjoff

Yes, you should definitively take the olfactory journey with Xerjoff’s Erba Pura. This fragrance, like a masterpiece painted by a mainstream painter, encapsulates the essence of sexiness and femininity. Its fruity and musky theme is a genially orchestrated harmony that only transfers one thought: seduction. What truly sets Erba Pura apart is its harmony of sweetness, juiciness, musk and animalistic undertones. It is a perfect combination of seducing and polite facettes. It is irresistible, evoking the sensation of wanting to kiss what can be smelled. Not many perfumes bring along this feature. No wonder many people are buying the fragrance. It is the top seller of Xerjoff. Interestingly, its scent profile is very atypical for Xerjoff. Xerjoff mostly stands for posh, elitist scents. However, Erba Pura is a scent way too fruity for the Xerjoff line-up. It is much more pop music then Xerjoff music. It is a mainstream scent many people like and buy.

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But there is a peculiar thing about the fragrance. Even though many people smell lots of fruitiness and musk in it, there are some people complaining about the scent that it is stinky, like a fox pissed into it. And this is no joke. Erba Pura contains amber notes that can be smelled by some people but not by others. The people that cannot smell it, they like the fruity, seductive side of the perfume. However, the people that can smell the full amber spectrum present in the scent, they can smell urine-like notes. This is due to the fact that amber notes, depending on which molecules have been used by the perfumer, can have detrimental effects. So, if you want to wear Erba Pura, keep in mind that not everyone will be a fan of it. Do not use it as a business fragrance. Use it only in your free time and with friends.

It is for sure a scent for a glamorous evening affair, as it leaves a lasting impression. It is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures, captured within an exquisite, posh flacon. For those who seek a fragrance that transcends time and trends, Erba Pura is a testament to the art of perfumery. If you have never smelled it, hit the store and take a whiff. I am pretty sure you will be impressed by the fragrance. There are not many perfumes that can level-up with this one!

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