PRO FRAGRANTIA parfum aura nuit


100 ml Eau de Parfum, CHF 240.-

She is sitting at the bar, enjoying the evening with friends. From her beautiful neck a beguiling fragrance is diffusing into the air, creating a special aura. A very voluminous, warm scent, which cannot be ignored, catching the attention of the ones nearby.

The fragrance opens with citrus notes to soon unleash a warm, sensuous honey accompanied by sweet macaron, red cherry and cinnamon from Ceylon. This gourmand theme is perfectly balanced by an overwhelming, cocooning cotton candy accord, giving the perfume warmth and volume. As a counter point, oakmoss absolue from France and amber deepen the scent with dark, woody tones, while fresh musk and vanilla from Madagascar are adding smoothness to the fragrance.

Main notes
Gourmand, Cotton Candy

Top notes
Bergamot Oil from Italy, Orange Oil from Spain

Heart notes
Honey, Macaron, Cherry, Cinnamon

Base notes
Cotton Candy, Oakmoss Absolue from France, Amber, Musk, Vanilla from Madagascar

Perfume with no artificial coloring agents and no additional preservatives. Up-cyclable as well as recyclable tin box packaging with recyclable foam inlay. Perfume bottle may be recycled at appropriate recycling stations. Store perfume at room temperature in a dark, dry place, e.g. wardrobe. Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, Parfum, Aqua, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Benzyl salicylate, alpha-Iso-methyl ionone, Coumarin, Amyl cinnamal. For more information on this cosmetic product regarding Article 21 of the European Regulation (EC)  No 1223/2009 please contact us over the contact page of this website.

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