Perfume review: Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

The perfume Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules isn’t a perfume as expected: It only contains one molecule named Iso E Super. Iso E Super is a substance that got hyped in the fragrance scene because it is believed to act similar to a pheromone. Research has no final conclusions on this matter, thus it is left to speculation whether Iso E Super enhances attractivity by interacting with the receptors in our nose or not. However, I strongly believe that Iso E Super has a profound impact on the attractivity of the wearer. It creates a fantastic aura and enhances the natural scent of the skin. Even though some people cannot smell the molecule itself, they may find people wearing Iso E Super more attractive. The persons that are able to smell the molecule notice a warm, smooth woody note that reminds of synthetic sandalwood molecules, such as Javanol or Ebanol. Iso E Super does not remind of dry wood, it rather has a moist, fresh, velvety touch to it. And the best: Iso E Super is totally cocooning and comforting.

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Can everybody smell Iso E Super of Molecule 01?

For some people the molecule seems to vanish an re-appear. This is due to the fact that some people have a hard time smelling it. One factor could be that the molecules, once bonded to the olfactory receptors, are blocking the receptors for too long and the nose cannot generate knew signals for the brain even if subjected to a high dose of Iso E Super. On the other hand, some people might have just not the right receptors and cannot process the molecule regularly. Furthermore, smelling abilities can change hour after hour and depends on our stress level, our mood or tiredness. This said, Molecule 01 is the perfect scent to wear at the office. Some employees won’t notice it and some will raise an eyebrow, as they have smelled something seductive, yet not loud and not disturbing at all.

Is Iso E Super of Molecue 01 found in nature?

The sad thing about Iso E Super is that it is not found in nature. It is ethically questionable if humans should release a molecule into nature that has been invented in the laboratory of the flavors and fragrances company IFF in 1973. But we could argue that if plants are inventing molecules by evolution, and it did that for thousands of years, why shouldn’t humans be allowed to do so. Humans are part of nature and a product of nature after all.

Who should be wearing Molecule 01 of Escentric Molecules?

If you are looking for an unobtrusive perfume that fits the office, the gym or business events, you definitely need a bottle of Molecule 01. If you have many perfumes at home already and you would like to give them a boost by layering Iso E Super over the fragrances, hit the store now! Molecule 01 is a very good perfume for layering. It matches most perfumes and can enhance the overall experience.

Who should not be wearing Molecule 01 of Escentric Molecules?

If you are deep into perfumery and a connoisseur of fragrances Molecule 01 would be a step back into boring simplicity. If you like to wear a statement, a fragrance that underlines your character and matches your personality, do not use Molecule 01. Better go for a real fragrance with style.

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